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Akeakama'i o Mo'omehia Hawai'i Kamali'i no


a science and Hawaiian culture enrichment program for children


Akeakama'i o mo'omehia Hawai'i kamali'i no is a Science and Hawaiian Culture Program for 4th through 8th grade students. It is a technology infused program that seeks to engage students in the proactive process of problem solving the environmental and cultural issues facing Maui. We propose to do this by providing a natural resource conservation and Hawaiian culture education enrichment program with lessons and activities held at the Ahihi Kinau Natural Area Reserve, the Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, and other locations.

Some of the lessons will be based on University of Hawaii’s Ka Hana 'Imi Na'auao culturally responsive curriculum while others would be developed by local educators, scientists and cultural practitioners.

All lessons will be based on the inextricable relationship of Mauka through Makai in the Ahupua’a or watershed. Science lessons, whenever possible, will be broadly focused on the coastal environment of the moku of Honua’ulu, with specific effort in the Ahihi Kinau Natural Area Reserve, a 2,045-acre site located in Maui County’s Makawao land management district.

Our enrichment activities may include salt-water quality testing and monitoring, monitoring a fixed transect area for fish biomass and coral cover, performing opihi and urchin counts, fish counts and reef surveys to help measure changes at the Ahihi Kinau Natural Area Reserve during its 2 year closing.