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We are a nonprofit organization established to help protect natural resources, ecosystems, and historical and cultural sites in the communities in central Florida and beyond.

Originally established in Maui County, Hawaii as TEACH Maui, Inc. in 2008 to help protect natural resources and cultural sites, the organization sought to fulfill its mission with passion and respect for the culture and traditions of the Hawaiian people. We wanted to help prepare our children to face the many challenges and opportunities that life will present by helping them develop appreciation and a sense of caring (malama) for the environment, and the importance of natural resources, cultural and historical sites. To that end, our board members, advisors and volunteers were inspired to take on the roles of kumu (teachers) and alaka’i (leaders) in our schools and communities in regards to the education of our keiki (kids).

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In the news...

Feb 2018 - Official name change of our 501(c)(3) to Teach, Inc.

Apr 2015 - Ed & Evelyn retire from the high school classroom, say good bye to Maui, and move to the Orlando, Florida area.

Mar 2013 - TMI transports injured night heron from Honolulu to the Hawai'i Wildlife Center on the Big Island.

Oct 2012 - TMI donates pilot and air time to transport sick or injured native birds from Maui county to Hawai'i Wildlife Center on the Big Island.

Nov 2011- Awarded grant from MEDB Ke Alahele Education Fund for a Middle School Student Computer Skills Enhancement Project.

Apr 2011 - TMI donates pilot, air time and a "spotter" seat to a Maui educator for the bi-annual monk seal count.

Oct 2010 - TMI donates pilot and air time for the bi- annual monk seal count.

13 Aug 09 - Maui Weekly feature article about TEACH Maui.

11 Aug 09 - Awarded grant from Walk the Talk Fund at the Hawai'i Community Foundation.

17 Jul 09 - Awarded NOAA B-WET grant in partnership with Kihei Charter School and Kihei Canoe Club.

5 Jan 09 - Awarded grant from the Leiter Family Foundation for our Akeakama'i o mo'omehia Hawai'i kamali'i no Science and Hawaiian Culture Program.